Natural Language Processing

NLP and Healthcare

NLP or Natural Language Processing is a technology under Artificial Intelligence that helps machines understand human language. With the help of NLP, engineers blend the field of computer science and linguistics. They understand the structure and components of the languages and use machine learning and NLP algorithms to enhance a model’s capabilities to understand, analyze, […]

Natural Language Processing

Understanding BERT

Insufficient training data is arguably the most challenging issue faced by natural language processing, better known as NLP. For those who do not know, NLP is an incredibly diverse field containing various distinct tasks. In most cases, task-specific datasets consist of hundreds or thousands of training examples (human-labeled.) With that said, modern deep learning natural […]

Natural Language Processing

An In-Depth Guide to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

“In recent years, NLP has witnessed several breakthroughs in helping computers understand human language,” according to Leand Romaf, a software engineer and AI expert. Natural Language Processing, one of the most advanced technologies that help computers understand human language. However, the process of teaching machines to understand our way of communication is quite technical and […]

Natural language processing
Natural Language Processing

MNIST database

the MNIST database (Changed National Organization of Benchmarks and Innovation database) is an enormous database of manually written digits that is normally utilized for preparing different picture handling systems. The database is additionally generally utilized for preparing and testing in the field of machine learning. It was made by “re-blending” the examples from NIST’s unique […]

Natural Language Processing

Word Embedding

When a child is born, it requires some time to develop the ability to speak and understand. Children only learn the language that people surrounding them will speak. Humans can quickly learn languages on their own, but computers cannot do the same. For instance, you can easily understand the difference between cat and dog, man […]


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