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Writing your codes with the help of the Python Shell or the IDLE is not a demanding task. However, using these tools for large projects can be intimidating. Therefore, you need a good code editor or an IDE to write all your codes for a project. A dedicated code editor will make your coding more entertaining. With so many options, you can easily get the features you want. But choosing a code editor from so many options can also be an arduous task. First, you need to understand how each tool fulfills your needs and what features they offer.

To make your decision, we are listing down some of the best Python IDEs and their qualities. Remember that this list will only give you an idea about what features you should look for while choosing a tool. You need to do your research and select tools that best for you before we start listing the best Python IDE.

What are IDEs and Code Editors?

IDE or Integrated Development Environment is software that enables you to write software code. Moreover, you can create software compiling the source code. Regardless of your experience in the software development industry, you need an IDE to automate your task. IDEs also have a debugger for testing different programs. A debugger will help you identify the errors and issues in your project. As a result, you can find a solution to those problems, enhancing the quality of your product.

An IDE has numerous other benefits other than the above-mentioned features. The features depend on the IDE you choose. Code editors are different than an IDE. These tools are simple text editors and include additional features. An IDE and code editors are different for many reasons. 

The major difference is that an IDE is software that contains many developer tools. However, a code editor highlights keywords and suggestions to make your development task easier. Some popular options include Atom, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio Code. Below, we will share some best Python IDE. This will make your decision-making process easier.

  • Eclipse

Eclipse is popular within the open-source community. This tool is available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. This IDE is an actual and effective open-source IDE. It is suitable for java development and includes a base workplace and a list of plug-ins to customize your project’s environment. You can utilize Eclipse for a variety of development tasks. For instance, from the eclipse marketplace, you can utilize PyDev for code completion, Python debugging, and creating an interactive Python console.

  • Sublime Text

Sublime Text is an amazing code editor written by a Google engineer to make a developer’s life easier. Almost every platform supports this tool. This makes it one of the most popular tools for code editing. This tool supports Python code editing and includes numerous extensions available in different packages. 

These packages extend your capability and provide advanced features. Many developers follow Sublime Text because it allows you to swiftly write code. This is a well-supported tool, but sometimes the installation of the new extensions can be tricky. This is not a free tool, but the evaluation version can support you for a long time.

  • Atom

Atom is also available on different platforms. This open-source tool is famous for its unique and sleek interface, marketplace for extensions, and file system browser. Developers used Electron for the development of this tool. This framework supports developing desktop applications including CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You can integrate an extension with this tool and enable Python language support. Atom has a small storage size. As a result, you can quickly download and install the tool.

  • PyCharm

You can use PyCharm for macOS, Windows, and Linux. This cross-platform tool includes an API that you can use to write your Python plug-in and extend the functionalities of your project. PyCharm as an IDE is one of the best tools for Python programming. It includes Smart Code Navigation, safe and quick refactoring of code. It also allows you to access Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, and other databases. 

Developers can create a smart program that supports auto code completion, identification of errors, and quick fixes. Many developers complained that they find the installation process a bit tough, and it also hangs up during the installation process. But once you install the tool, you can customize the interface according to your need and increase your productivity.

  • Visual Studio

Developers at Microsoft built Visual Studio, making it available for Mac OS and Windows only. The features and facilities are comparable to Eclipse in many ways. You can download both free and paid versions of this tool. 

With Visual Studio, you can develop software for a variety of platforms. Moreover, its extensive marketplace will allow you to integrate your favorite extensions. A part of coding, Visual Studio also allows you to debug your tool and perform other functions. If you already use Visual Studio, you can easily and quickly install the tool to write code in Python. 

  • Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are different tools with different features. The major benefit of using Visual Studio Code is that it is available for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. This tool is small and does not take much storage space. Still, you can perform numerous essential activities with this software. This tool is extensible, open-source, configurable, and allows you to develop a program of your choosing. Visual Studio Code enables you to visit the marketplace with quick access and find the best tools for development.


Python is a popular and easy-to-learn language that many developers are familiar with. Depending on the language you use for coding, you need to choose a powerful IDE or code writer. If you write codes in Python and want a practical and useful tool to perform development tasks, the above-mentioned tools will be helpful. These tools may be free or paid. So check the price before making a decision. Furthermore, you should consider the features before purchasing a tool as it will save a lot of time and money.


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