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The meaning of semantics 

1: the study of meanings:

a: Historical and psychological study as well as the classification of changes in the meaning of words or forms seen as factors of linguistic development.


(2): an area of semiotics dealing with the relations between signs and to which they refer and which includes the theories of denotation, extension, naming and truth.


3a: the importance of the report of the implications of a sign or set of signs 

in particular : demonstrative meaning 

b: The language used (such as in promotion or political advertising) to have an ideal impact on a crowd of people, particularly when using words with a novel or with a double implication. 

Semantics in a sentence 

It’s about more than semantics. Because of the heaviness, the discussion has risen in the wake of significant routine reviews of diet pills a year ago. Many new dietary remedies are in different stages of testing, and the FDA’s bar for new drug claims is lower for disease medications than for several issues, for example, the absence of hair or skin wrinkles. 

– Laura Johannes et al., Money Road Diary, 9 February 1998 

Over the years, Wierzbicka has gained particular notoriety for establishing business relationships with other operators in the phonetic network. Despite the fact that his chatter may be a bit blistering from time to time, there is no doubt that his semantic investigations are a power to be addressed.


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