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Find the origin of any photo by using a reverse image search

Coursera Learner working on a presentation with Coursera logo and

Reverse image switch encourages you to quickly find similar pictures on the internet. Perhaps you saw a photo will a cool bokeh effect and what to see where it came from. Transfer a photo from your computer to Google Pictures and it will quickly show you related pictures from different sites and various sizes of a similar photograph. 

Writers can utilize the reverse search option to locate the origin of a picture or find out the first time an image was uploaded to the web. Photographers can utilize the search by picture feature to find different sites that are using g their photos. 

Google’s search by picture feature is made for desktop or laptops and not on smartphones and tablets. This means that if someone has sent you a picture on WhatsApp or Facebook that you’d like to learn about, you’ll need to move the photo to a suitable computer and conduct an inverted search from there. This seems neither intuitive nor convenient. 

Not any longer. Enter Switch Photographs, an online service that allows you to perform an inverted picture search on smartphones. Go to in your smartphone’s browser, click the “Transfer Picture” button, and pick a picture from the photo gallery of your smartphone. Next click “Show Coordinating Pictures” and it will upload your photograph into Google’s picture database and show similar photographs. 

Google Search by Picture 

You can either transfer pictures accessible on your photo gallery, take a new image with your camera, or transfer existing pictures from cloud services like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. All with only your smartphone

This is valuable for checking the origin of photos, WhatsApp pictures, screenshots, and any other type of image. Tinder and Facebook users have utilized “Search by Picture” to look into profile photos of potential dates, explorers use it for finding a  photograph’s location and it can recognize potentially counterfeit schemes 

The pictures are uploaded securely on the web and can’t be traced by anybody. All of the  photographs are promptly deleted as soon as you have finished using the service 


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